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Design a layout based on a fairytale, fable or legend. Typography should be a key element to the design.


Explore what is possible using CSS and use type in a more expressive manner.


This project was a great opportunity to enter deeper into css animations and transitions. I'm sure it was a milestone project for my further progress. The point was to experiment and explore and the topic was really fun and creative-friendly.


I choose a canonical piece of children's literature - Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio. It’s one of my favorite children’s book mainly because of the amazing illustrations byLibico Maraja.

Concept sketches

Since the project was for the Typography class I made an illustration type sketch of Pinocchio, made entirely by glyphs. Of course, the nose gets longer on hover :)

A piece of carnival music, played by an old-fashion gramophone was the final touch here.

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