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Paddle Bandit

Independent study project. Responsive page.


This is the Capstone Project in my study - an independent project for which we were free to choose our own topic. I'm passionate about any kind of outdoor adventure and I made a site for an independently owned family company called Paddle Bandit, which specializes in guided private canoeing and hiking tours in the Rocky Mountains.


First I had to gather all the crucial information necessary to build a viable online marketing solution and to create a sound and smart web presence for the company.


Bandits, because they kidnap you from your crazy, busy everyday life and set you free into the wild. I've worked to combine both compass and paddling symbols and to bring a sense of exploration and adventure in the logo.

Tour Logotypes

I designed a graphic for each adventure to highlight its own identity.



I wanted to escape from the dominance of the boxes with this project. That's why I mixed straight lines and shapes with freehand graphics and used the white space as an active element, not just a passive free space.

launch site