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"Brochure" site

The Brief

Design a website (3-4 pages) for a fictional paint company. The product is ecologically friendly, water based and decorator quality paints and wallpapers. It contains low or minimal VOC (volatile organic compounds) and that makes it kinder to the environment and to people.


Design and build for a desktop presentation.


I chose the Scandinavian style and started with the identity because it will lead all subsequent visuals. I came up with the name NATUREWALL – a combination of the words nature, wall, and natural which describes perfectly the main benefits of the product.


This is the product itself – a concept of a paint bucket, printed on recycled paper.

I used simple Swedish words to name the colours and the palettes. Everybody can read Swedish since IKEA is worldwide company, right... :)


Here the entire range of colours are combined in 6 theme palettes - SKOG/Forest, FRYSA/Freeze, MORGON/Dawn, BERG/Rock, MOSSA/Moss, FLOTTA/Fleet. Each colour is “born” from nature itself. It's a true "naturewall" product.


Now, I had a real product to communicate and present and I could start building the page.

launch site